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Flange Towbar:

The most commonly used type of tow bar in the U.K is the Flange Towbar where the tow ball is bolted to the tow bar with two 24mm bolts. There are also some variations of the flange towbar type that have four bolts instead of two.This is the most versatile design of tow bar because it can be used with tow ball mounted accessories i.e. Cycle carriers, bumper protectors & all types of stabilisers, all mounted between the tow bar & ball. The flange type of towbar is non-removable.

1. Compatible with a large number of vehicles.
2. Allows for a choice of tow balls.
3. The height of the towbar can be altered using drop plates.
4. Economical, they are the cheapest type of towbar.

1. Both the tow bar and electrics can be seen when looking at the vehicle.
2. Different types of towball can be expensive.

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